Brainfuzz - "Discords" EP - Ammunition


Nov 8, 2008

Pulling out some big guns for March, Ammunition's droppin some heavy artillery from the very talented Brainfuzz!

Brainfuzz is from Bordeaux, France. As per normal, Brainfuzz brings some serious beats to pummel your ears, which you can also catch coming from him and Kenei in their live act called "Chaotic System" if you're anywhere near France.

Brainfuzz has some huge bits out at the moment under some very respected labels suchas Citrus, Close2Death, Melting Pot, and forthcoming Ammunition on March 2nd.

Here's a round to give you a taste of the bombs to come:

Brainfuzz - Just That

Brainfuzz - Curious Way

Brainfuzz - Overload

Brainfuzz - Trigger

Brainfuzz - Ever Fuzz


Written Detail
Artist: Brainfuzz
Album: "Discords" EP
Release: March 2nd, 2009
Label: Ammunition Recordings
Retailers: Beatport, DOA, Juno, TrackItDown, iTunes, Amazon, Chemical, + more

Taken a little bit for Beatport but, finally up!

In the meantime, this release currently has 5 out of 5 tunes in Bestsellers charts on TrackItDown / DOA, Juno, and a few tunes on Chemical's charts as well :slayer:
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