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Brain Damage Radio is a new internet radio station that aims to provide high quailty downloads and streaming of Hardcore, Drum and Bass, Psy Trance, Old Skool, Tekno, Nu Skool Breakz, Funky House, Acid House and what ever else I feel like putting on here. Even though we cover a large variety of music we lean heavily toward Drum and Bass. We are open to demo mixes from DJ's. Contact me at the e.mail address below. If you want to send me an mp3 of your mix directly encode it to 128 kbps and e-mail it to me via . This web site will allow you to send very large files via e-mail free of charge. This is important as most e-mail providers have a 10mb limit for e-mail attachments If you encounter any problems with the site please e-mail me at and I will get on the case as soon as poss. I Hope the site brings you much joy an happiness ( you know that nice squidgy feeling you get deep down inside when things turn out just how you wanted them to) PEACE Simon 2005...................