Boys! - Do you do this?

Beating your Meat in the car?

  • Yes

    Votes: 2 15.4%
  • No

    Votes: 6 46.2%
  • i accidentally reach for the wrong gear stick, yo.

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so i was stuck on a bus in a traffic jam the other day. looked into the 4WD stopped next to my window and couldnt help but notice... :sadbana:the driver had his cock out and was making his bald guy puke... so to speak.

he obviously came prepared cos he even had a towel handy to clean up the mess. :twitchy:

now i'm curious... is this common practice? do any of you blokes love your cars so much that you cant wait until you get home to pound your flounder or ram your ham?



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Ha ah they're all shy then...that would be a big YES !! Fuckin ell... never tried...hmmm idea of sticky mess in confined space...nasty


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i know this one guy who cant go anywhere without pulling off a danger wank. its definitely not beyond him to know one out even whilst driving.
not me thogugh, owing mainly to the fact that i dont drive.
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danger wank !!!!!!!!!

why should people wait ? hay no shame in the game , not everyone is the same and yes some folk aint shy when it comes to danger wanking or with a partner danger sex ?

too very simular things ...

each to there own !

strange that people find the practice of any form of sexual exspression in the uk like its a SHOK FACTOR !!!

It makes britian ...... britan i spose ... still in 2006 its a kinder taboo subject .

praps because ive lived off / on in europe for the last 10 yrs that sex is just different or more open minded .

id love to go to an event held in london / brighton called tortcher garden ... no im not dressing up in a rubber diving costume .. not in it for that id just like to go as people that go clubbing to those events understand sexual exspression and hay going to regular club night full of asshole wannabee gangster rudeboys doing there image grrr look at me rubbish ... isent what i call a good night out .. [ plus girls there that ive exsperianced are either off there head ? eer no thanks or just seeking you to buy them drinks / eer again do you work / got money in your pocket ! then buy yourself one ? ] .....

big up the car wanker !!! no harm done and i hope the fantasy lady in your head made your day ... lol ....

if it was easy for guys to meet nice females in this world without all the bollix and crap that goes with meeting someone we'd have less wanking and wankers in this world and more people making love and not war .......

standard ...

time to get drunk ....... :bone:


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I have to tell you Gumby, its most likely you were looking at an exhibitionist, commonly known as a flasher. Most likely getting off on making young lasses catch an eyeful of him making sweet love to his hand. Its not nice, and most guys will not put themselves in a situation where they can be spotted, trust me its ingrained to be careful.

As for danger wank, um no. danger sex maybe, but a wank aint worth any danger rush.

so yes, all men are either sly wankers or dirty flashers :readthis:


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Oh dear! Ha ha!

Never tried it or even thought about it.. But now you mention it.. :teeth:
Looks like Stu is getting off the fence and slipping into a car....:clown:

have you noticed this smily is having adouble hander and shouting no ....:nono: