Boycot - Next to nothing

I'm listening this with a shitty laptop and earphones, but I think I can give a bit of feedback. The beat sounds great, piano is cool so far, maybe add more notes I'd like it to be more constant. I don't have actually much to say about this, it's solid. That's a clip so I don't know whether you're adding more elemnts to it later, so maybe post it a bit longer and maybe people will be giving better feedback.
Really great vibes! You layed out some solid chilled atmosphere here. Enjoyable listen.

I feel like the drums could use some mixups here and there. It sounds a bit like you just took a break sample, hit the loop button and called it a day. Some variations can help create movement through the track.

Also the vocal sample towards the end doesn't really suit the track imo. It stands out, and not really in a good way.
F*** me dude, loved this to bits. Really feeling this tune! Just an overall really nice track!

Thought the Vocal sample fitted nicely too. :)

Also the sound we hear at 20 secs and 1.50. Really reminded me of Friendly Intentions by Noisia. Probably a surprise as the tunes are so different but you might know what I mean! Sounds really nice and chill here and in FI a similar sound is used but is like heavy! :P
Really diggin this one, loving the vocal @ 1:28 but it would sound better if its lower in the mix imo, and i think the tune needs some more background elements, but i'd love to hear the whole thing. And i agree that some more of that rhodes wouldnt hurt :)
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The track got selected for a drum and bass compilation put out by a Belgian website..should be out by the end of this space ;)
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