Bowsar - Exertion / The Zone [CNCSN003] OUT NOW!


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Been biting my tongue about this for ages, been very excited to show you guys whats been in the pipeline for Concussion. But finally, out now, Exertion / The Zone, fresh beats straight from Bowsar.

They're available from Beatport as well as Juno Download & all other leading online distribution stores.

"Concussion Recordings welcomes the Austrian badman known as Bowsar to the fold. It’s been a big year for the producer, having recently left his mark on influential labels like Eatbrain and Syndrome Audio. Now, he’s bringing his forward thinking take on the neurofunk sound to Concussion with his latest EP - ‘Exertion’ / ‘The Zone’. Evocative of science fiction, technology, and futuristic landscapes, Bowsar’s music is made for the dancefloor. Concussion are proud to welcome him to the roster!"

Track Previews below:
Bowsar - Exertion

Bowsar - The Zone

And In case you werent aware, in celebration of this awesome release, Bowsar has also remixed a tune from our Convulsion EP, and call us crazy but we're giving it away for free! Grab your copy here:

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