bout time i gave something back...

had to pack my 1210s away when i moved house a couple of years ago so before i took a last sad look at them i recorded myself a mix to keep me going - seeing as i've had a few mixes from the delightful folks here figured i should go by the share + share alike rule so here you go...

apologies if not to your liking but was recorded primarily for my own listening pleasure :D

die + clipz - number 1
zinc - fairfight (friction remix)
die + clipz - climate change
danny byrd - fresh 89
prisoners of technology - trick of technology
dj hazard - mr happy
congo natty - his imperial majesty
bungle - too late
dj zinc - fruitella
the prodigy - outer space (dnb remix) - think it's cut and run
dj red - enta da dragon (tekken mix)
bad company - speedball
blame - solar burn vip
zinc ft eksman - drive by car
zinc - hello (fierce and break remix)
aphrodite - dub moods (phantasy and shodan mix)
danny byrd - dog hill
axwell - I found u (high contrast oldskool revenge mix)
prisoners of technology - trick of technology (remix part 1)
brockie - represents
dj hazard - super drunk
brockie - showdown
blame - solar burn
bad company - the nine
ez rollers - walk this land (paradise mix)
p-funk - p-funk era
rude bwoy monty - summer sumting

feel free to download, any feedback appreciated. TL might not be spot on as had to do it all from memory but think it's pretty much there.