bound to offend

Long time listener first time poster. Sorry been to lazy and a little shy to say hi.

I guess it's probably been said many of time before but I just got to get it off my chest.

I am so very tired of MC's. Why do they exist at all? They all seem to be egomaniac's trying to steal the limelight from the one true talented person in the venue. Its not evolving what is a very progressive sound. I understand that some people need someone to count down from three in order to find there cue for a good time but I personally find it irritating when someone keeps yelling at the sound man to turn him his mike up while I am trying to get stuck into something the DJ is producing. The UK scene seems to be obsessed with this phenomena (notably the younger cats). Back in NZ you would hardly find an MC at any gig a). because we sound pretty awful and b). because we are too involved in our beats to give a damn about some pretty dodgy rhymes and mumbles.

Power to the Mixologist!


open minded but not deaf!
yo b,im new to this site to but felt compelled to ans your shout!
In the main your right wiv what your sayin,I went notinghill carny little while ago n the dnb rig was ruined by sum tragic mcing they mite aswell have turned the decks off!! But when its done well mcing can be great 2 uno.As long as the mc isnt just chatin rubish and is allowing the music to breath at the right times,norm djs that have used the same mcs for along time get the right balance and feed of each other, Bukem n Conrad r a good example of this.

Peace Y'all.........
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