BoulderdashBilly--- Bouncy Mix


Dec 7, 2006
Ah yes Good Idea !!! Off the top of my head

I found you - high contract
neon skyline - cyantific
from my eyes - Phetsta
attention - Erb n Dub and Mickey Finn
MOP remix - Adam F (i think) (oh and it was a technical problem, Honest)
Bump and Grind - Roni Size
Return of Forever - High contract John B remix
Collective conscience - Mr Neon (aka neonsounds)
Under the Sea - Danny Byrd
Stalker - Benny page
shock out VIP - Danny byrd
Shock Resistance - Shock one
Blur - Phetsta
Kaleidoscope - Logistics
Open your eyes - DJ markey
Disco Dodo - Lynx
Timewarp - Subfocus>>>> beat it (fucked it up a bit though)
Slam - pendulum (sorry i just like say the beat mixes in these tracks)
Hold your colour - Bipolar mix
can't remember the track name - visionary
Ganja fire - visionary
Feelings - Shy Fx
Future groove Mr Neon (aka neonsounds)


Dec 7, 2006
Thanks, I live in Dubai at the moment.

The drum and bass scene is very different to the UK. i.e there's not much of one. Do get some good DJ's over here, we just had Dj Storm do a fantastic set. everyone who goes is a true Drum Monkey and the dance floor is packed from the beginning, but of course they are only high from the music!!!
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