Bootleggin / Remixes - Any advice / Tips & Tricks?


Mar 4, 2016
West midlands
Easy Heads,

Been on and off with learning producing dnb / jungle for a few years, Never really devoted the full time to it to get full tracks finished. Just recently i have been getting back into it, and moved from FL Studio over to Ableton Live 10.

Starting to get more where i want to be now, and just wondered if anyone had any tips / tricks / info on remixing / bootlegging tracks, I did have a good search round the old tinterweb and not much information on offer...

Is it just a case of sampling, and permission in most cases? And what about massive tempo differences, any good tricks for that?

Sorry if this is a silly question to some. "A person who asks is a fool for 5 minutes, The person who doesn't ask is a fool for ever!" - Chinese Proverb :P

Happy Sunday Junglist Kru and thanks in advance


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Jan 9, 2014
i know this isn't exactly the answer to your question, but,

participate in sample based contests, like the one we're about to boot up! dig through databases like for vocal packs that you like.. the vocals won't be "unique", per say, but it will give you some experience putting things together. Same goes for using bass and drum samples.

There are also other websites/artists/labels that host remix contests quite frequently, dig around through this, and other forums (Lockjaw has a remix contest going on right now) and you will find tunes that people want remixed.

I use reason, its got quite good time stretching built in, and Logic Pro did too when i previously used it.
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