Booskii's Darkly Dreaming Demotape [Neurofunk & Dubstep]


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Hey everyone, I just discovered this forum, and have been lurking for a little bit. Thought I would go ahead and share something back. 50 minutes of soul shattering dark dubstep and neurofunk drum & bass. Booskii's Darkly Dreaming Demotape is a journey from warm depression to violent despair up to the first sign of hope and recovery. It discourages apathy and progesses kinetically. I hope you enjoy it :)

Unquote - Cold Tenderness
Unsub - Silk Button
Kung - Mole
Kung - Beg Me
Antiserum. No Thing - Animal
Brainfuzz, Vibromaster - Smash & Destroy
Nova - Helix
Nova - Decode
NumberNin6 - Not This Time
Xilent - Choose Me II
Receptor - Lullaby
Phace, Misanthrop - Desert Orgy
Noisia, Phace - Floating Zero
Phace - Basic Memory
Telekinesis, Kinetik - Lithium
Billain - Phalando
Misanthrop - Lattitude
Black Sun Empire, Nymfo - Kempi (Braincrack Remix)
Deep Focus ft. InContext - Lateral Thinking