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so , its at a 'secret' location, but ive found out its Bristol, heard a couple good things about this doo ... anyone been to one before, im hoping for loads of stoned hippies, spoken word malarky, reggae , dubstep, few people on mushies.. and lots of cider coz it in Bristol ..

my dads moving to Bristol soon maybe, not 100% .. but im trying to talk him into it .. so i'll be reaching brizzle fairly often and hunting down you cider swiggers, dose, alice , soph .. etc ..

anyone been to this then , or heard bout it >>>>>

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shit... it may be in Buckinghamshire... feck nose .. where is buck'shire..
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Dan M

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it would be mint if your old boy moved to bristol. i love bristol and plan on moving back there when im older. everyone is so laid back. up north everyone wants to fight. in london everyone wants to work. in bristol everyone just gets on and chills. its a wicked place imo. especially on the outskirts and surrounding areas like keynsham, norton and bath especially.

if you ever visit there let me know and ill come along and show you my balls on request. i love wells to has anyone been there. only problem with the outskirts is the birds. there all abit hippy and gash tbh. posh london totty and filthy northern birds win hands down. actually its quite the dilemma. you never can have the best of both worlds.