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    Hello everyone,

    Just a quick reminder to let you know that SECOND-PHASE of Boom Festival tickets are available until this FRIDAY 6 APRIL 2012 at the price of €140. There is also a special "Social Price" of €125 available to those countries that have suffered at the brunt of the economic crisis. These countries are: SPAIN, IRELAND, GREECE AND PORTUGAL.

    Please connect with a Boom ambassador near you for tickets and information, or go online.

    Ticket info right here: HYPERLINK ""
    List of Boom ambassadors around the world: HYPERLINK ""
    Online tickets: HYPERLINK ""

    The gathering of the tribe will commence from 28 July until 4 August 2012 under the August Full Moon... The line-up is looking AWESOME and the vibe will be even more so as thousands of sentient beings come together to celebrate, love and connect for BOOM TWO THOUSAND AND TWELVE!*


    See you there!

    The Boom Team