Booking Now: UFO! The Return Of The Alien Tour : October '05


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The Konspiracy Group said:
Booking Now: The Return Of The Alien Tour : October 2005

"Fiery the angels fell; deep thunder roared around their shores; burning at the fires of Orc."
-Roy Batty

The deep thunder is coming, the man who helped pioneer American D&B is back. The man who put the Teck in Phunckateck...

UFO! (Phunckateck/Commercial Suicide/Violence)

From sculpting sounds for video games and CBS's TV series "CSI: New York" to working in an indie format with his band Mixed Signals and creating jungle anthems like "Enemy Infiltration" , Ed Garro has done it all. Fusing a hip-hop sensibility with a forward thinking technological bent, the Phunckateck legends live set is unlike anything else out there. And can experience the legend.

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