Bone Man - Back On The Dole 140 breakbeat mini mix

Bone Man

Jan 4, 2012
Leicester, UK
Ezzzz, few different vibes here at 140 bpm, startin off darker with some more garage and funky vibes a bit later on! Some of these tunes are quite new, others are older. Some of em are ruff, some of em are polished...... If you like them please check out the artists and maybe share it about, safe

1. Bennie D - The End
2. Bad Company - The Nine (DJ Entropy's Mad Raver mix)
3. Gobs The Zombie - Bit Lotta Bass (Mind Transit J-Tek remix)
4. El B feat. Juice Man - Digital
5. TRC - Back to Fluff
6. Backdraft feat. Lenki - Time to React
7. Queen Latifa feat. Al Green - Simply Beautiful (Pyramid remix)

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