Boats n Bass (a jump up is not shit thread)


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It really is sad that this is what drum and bass has resorted to. Brings a tear to my eye
Here's where I'm at. I would really like to hear more dancefloor/rollers being produced but it's very rare and when it happens it's most likely to hit the top 40 uk chart. Not the kinda thing I'm looking for.

I'm all about mc's so I follow jump up because that's where they all hang. Wheres some tracks are embarrassing I have managed to get a couple of sets that are incredible even if it is sloppy production the vibes there.

I'm really lost with neuro. I love the stuff probably the most but again even that is more steppy now to rollers.

What can you do but follow what's being released. It shows me that people love this terribly produced jump up stuff that's why it's so big