Drum & Bass Blue Frequency - Empty Room

Rounder RG

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Sounds pretty nice to me. Mid range basses seem a little too loud and drown out the drums a tad. I think the song structure could do with a little work, first 1:08 was a build up to a second build up for another 20s seconds. Also felt a little like you had shown your hand too early, nothing new really happened at the drop as the bass had been kicking around for a minute and a half before the drums. Like the spooky synths at 1:50 and the variation on the second drop. Interested to hear a bit more. Nice work.
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I also agree with the notion that nothing new really happens in the drop. Your mid range bass could really use some punch in the sub region. Right now it seems very top heavy. I'd layer a sub bass below your current one, or tweak the current sound. (sometimes the latter is tricky, so layering might be easier)

Also if you want something to "happen" in the drop, you could always use some pads/chords to make things pop, instead of resorting to sort of technical production tricks.