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Nov 9, 2008
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Ez forum crew, we've had an extremely busy couple of months planning the first part of 2012 and its all nicely falling into place, so i thought i'd let you know whats happening. As well as the 3 releases below all due out in Feb/March 2012, we also have The Intervention.

The Intervention is a compilation album featuring tracks from all of the Blue Cheese family including Freek, Dark Entity, Richie Stix, Teksteppa, John Miszt, Sovex & plenty more. It will cover various different sub genres from the dark and techy to hard hitting jumpup.

The album is due to hit stores at the end of March and will be accompanied by The Intervention Tour. Our aim is to hit all the major cities atleast once with an album launch party in London. More details and dates will be posted up on the blue cheese facebook so please add us to keep up to date.

So the release plan for 2012 so far is as follows...

Blue Cheese 007 (13th February 2012)
Teksteppa - White Widow // Black Mercury
Recieving support from S.P.Y

Blue Cheese 008 (27th February 2012)
Freek - Gratify feat. Impact MC // Last Night
Recieving support from DJ Hazard

Blue Cheese 009 (12th March 2012)
John Miszt - Sensi'tized // Suck It Up

Bigups to everyone for the huge support we recieved in 2011!
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those all sound hench, definitely going to be bagging, keep up the work, big things for 2012 for you lot (y)
bigup the Blue Cheese! boom! great workin with u lot :D lookin forward to mischief n noise makin over 2012
U can catch me, dark entity & john miszt on 4th Feb @ Subsystem Audio, The London Stone, Cannon Street. Playing nuffin but deep, dark and techy vibes :)
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