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Depending where you come from…

Oh, hell, all over the globe there are droves and droves of people who believe a zombie is their savior. Weird, right? I mean, simply outlandish, if you ask us. But, you didn’t ask us. So, we are just going to throw out this awesome inaugural edition (think we’ll do this yearly!) of BLUDCLOTeaster from the homie A Fisting Mishap to give ya something to think about, as well as something to listen to.

Cleverly and deftly sampling popular music and questionable film, among other things, A Fisting Mishap’s debut on our fine label is a perfect offering to both offend and raise question while simultanesously delivering one of the better sample heavy abrasive netlabel releases so far this year. All on this wonderful “holiday”. You either get it or you don’t. If you don’t, you should probably go repent. Or something.

+ BLUDCLOTeaster2011

A Fisting Mishap – “Faith is a Four-Letter Word” [full]

01 : “Intro”
02 : “Four”
03 : “Believe, Part I”
04 : “B-I-B-L-E (Bullshit Clusterfuck)”
05 : “Somber Season (Dark Chip Mix)”
06 : “Satani”
07 : “Take & Break”
08 : “The Nymph’s Lament”
09 : “Believe, Part II”
10 : “Delusions of Grandure"
11 : “Abandon All Hope (Obligatory Political Statement Track)”
12 : “Godspeed!”
13 : “Gorgyles, Sidekicks, And Other Ungodly Things – Bonus”
14 : Enduser – “One Third (Fuck-Up Remix)”

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