[Bludclotdigital019] Trolleybus - Scp Ep

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    Boom! Hope you’re wearing some protective clothing and clean drawers for this one. Ukranian madman and rudebwoy TrolleyBus hittin’ ya one time after that absolute stormer of a mix session he offered up. 5 tracks of up front and in your face raw breakbeat, jungle, breakcore filth on this one. Rollin’ in on some more industrialized flavors, through some straight up raggacore offerings and epic vocal workouts to the surprisingly effective and brutal rework of some 90s crossover nu-metal into all assault.

    We’ve been casually clocking this guys work here and there for a minute now, nothing but smiles when the connection was made for a release on Bludclot Recordings. So sit down, strap in, submit to the sounds of the one like TrolleyBus.

    + TrolleyBus – “SCP EP” [full]

    01 : “Assimilation” [mp3]
    02 : “Bomboklat” [mp3]
    03 : “Keeping Faith” [[URL="http://grindthieves.com/Bludclot/releases/019/3.%20TrolleyBus%20-%20Keeping%20Faith.mp3]mp3[/URL]]
    04 : “Racoonboy” [mp3]
    05 : “Rollin” [mp3]

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