Blu Mar Ten - Love is The Devil


Aug 26, 2008
London, United Kingdom, United Kingdom
BluMarTen know how to keep the excitement going. Back in June 2011 they put out the wonderfully mellow soundscapes and solid beats of Five Summers along with the sharp shooting roller of a collab with Inside Info, ‘Still The One’.

I know you've probably all heard about the new album but I just wanted to get more people in the know. I ordered the final and got the CD and MP3's for free which is a tacktick I support - such good Value that you'd be a fool to download illegally
This and the Way of the Warior LP havent left my car for a while.....

Proper Serious Follow up Natural History... Some decent vocalists on there as well, for anybody who likes their mellow and soulful tuneage.

Buy Vinyl, Get cd, Sell Vinyl, Keep All Tracks = WIN.
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