Blu Mar Ten - All Or Nothing (Dave☆B Remix)


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Not bad. As a whole the track is decent, and all the sounds work together well. The sound is bright and has a bit of punch as well. My problem is that it lacks any kind of or hook or special character in my opinion.

If I may be completely honest, I downloaded the stems for this contest too but never got around to finishing it up. Having said that, I think the real catalyst to making a remix truly stand out is to slice up and edit the stems. Furthermore, thrown them in a sampler to see what type of different creations you can fabricate. Obviously a remix is intended to hold some of the qualities that made the original brilliant, however, a key to making it "your" remix is to flex your creative production muscle as opposed to simply rearranging and relooping the parts without any fx or automation.

Just my .02, and I certainly mean no disrespect to you, just a different point of view in terms of approaching a remix.



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I agree that is the general approach to take and was the intention to begin with, had it not been for the fact 500 other people would likely do the same thing i may have done so, but i guess i just felt in the end i wanted to do something totally different, and the rules pretty much give me the freedom to do so, for me it wasn't really about making a new updated version that is in touch (to much) with the original, so i made absolutely no reference to it, i just grabbed the stems that worked best and freely wrote something over the vibe i was getting from it, its half n half really, you couldn't really get away with calling it anything else as its so blatantly using key parts of the original, and that was something i watched for, not to take it to far away etc

Thanks for checking and the feedback always appreciated