Blu Mar Ten - All Or Nothing (Crypticz Remix)


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May 15, 2011
EDIT: Tune currently unavailable. I have taken it down and am going to be making the tweaks that Fletch suggested :) Will whack it back in here when its ready!

Howdy guys,

First of all. Big thanks to all of the dnbforum producers for all the tips, tricks, help and support over the past few months! The result of my work over the past 8 or so months is Crypticz. My 'bangin' new producer name/project and here is the first thing I am sharing with ya :)

All feedback welcome. Need advice on Mixdown in particular, haven't had a chance to get this one through monitors yet.

Haven't added this remix to the group yet so be sure to point anything crucial out. It can still be changed! :D


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The pause before the drop is a bit too long fella, introduce a riser or something to lead the listener into it, it just kinda happens. If it wasnt for the waveform I wouldnt have known what was happening. It's got an almost garage like beat to it, which I quite like.

The piano type sound you've introduced into it sounds too prominent this end, it's taking the attention away from the rest of the track. Like the vocal whispers you got going on in the background but they are very quiet! Bring them up a notch or two (although they sound louder in the breakdown, which leads me to believe they are frequency clashing with another element somewhere)
Cheers for a quick response Fletch ! :)

You think rising white noise would do for the riser or shall I use the "ahhhhh!" ? :lol:

When you say the piano like sound is that the one that pretty much follows the bassline yeah?

As for the vocal loudness they are on two seperate channels (as one has slightly different effect settings) so it is likely I could have accidently set one louder than the other :P

Cheers for pointing all that out :D

Apart from those little tweaks that need to be made did enjoy the rest? and the sort of style? :)
Any type of riser will do it, just find one that suits the feel of the track.

And yeh, not the piano from the sample stems, the other one you put in yourself.

I dont think you will truly find your style for a long time yet mate, I've been producing for nearly 4 years now and I'm still only just finding my own way. Just make whatever feels right to you at the time. If you try and narrow down your style and genre's now, you are only gonna limit your learning curve of production!
Ok man, sweet, will work on that stuff tomorrow :)

You are right indeed :D But I am still going to be doing a raaaaange of stuff, got some more guitar orientated stuff planned for me Jordan soundcloud :)
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