Blu Mar Ten - A Mix From '96


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In the lead up to their appearance at Drum&BassArena - 19 Years @ Heaven in London on May 24th, we caught up with Blu Mar Ten and scored this vintage mix from '96. 19 years old and still sounding suave, it's matured like a fine wine. Recorded onto cassette with 2 belt-drive turntables (as they were too broke for Technics at the time), and a mixer with no EQ, this is a true piece of D&B history. One for the heads.

Read the interview here:…-ten-mix-from-96/


Seba: Sonic Winds
Shogun: Nautilus
PFM: The Mystics
LTJ Bukem: Coolin Out
Carlito: Diffusion Room
Mystic Moods: Music is the Basis of All Life
Mouly & Lucida: Inertia
Tango: Spellbound
Free Hand: I Can't Stop
One True Parker: Bubblegum (Ray Keith remix)
Olive: Miracle (Doc Scott remix)
Photek: Rings Around Saturn
The Sentinel: Toulepleu
Source Direct: Artificial Barriers
Michelle Gayle: Sweetness (LTJ Bukem remix)
Funky Technicians: Airtight
Blame: Neptune
Tribe Zero 2: Death By Sax
The Spirit: The Riff