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Last couple of months has been busy release wise etc, so I thought I'd had a round up here for news, releases and promo stuff.

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First up release wise, this month sees the release of the "Empires" EP alongside Linden on Horizons Music

A month or so back saw the release of the long awaited "Shadowplay / Miller" on Shy FX's Digital Soundboy.

To coincide with the "Empires" EP release we have been interviewed by the chaps at Everyday Junglist and Broken Culture, including a mix full of new exclusives .

Blocks interview on Everyday Junglist :

Linden and Blocks interview on Broken Culture :"]"]

June Promotional Mix -

Blocks and Escher - Untitled - Dub
Escher - Untitled - Dub
ASC - Crowleys Exit Theme - Dub
Blocks and Escher - Shiver - Dub
Zero T and FD - After All - Subtitles Dub
Skeptical- Offline - 31 Dub
Loxy and Isotone - Burden - Cylon Dub
Krust - Future Unknown - Talking loud
Spinline, Hydro , Sam KDC & Dot - Eső (Rain) - Dub
Andy Skopes - True Chord - Dub
Ink and Perpetuum - Speed - Hardware Dub
Blocks and Escher - Broken - Dub

Blocks Top 10 on Trackitdown -

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