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Jan 23, 2012

Blocks and Escher have over the space of 2 years grown from being acclaimed newcomers and solo artists to establishing themselves as one of Drum and Bass’ most exciting and sought after production outfits. Their debut releases in 2009 found their way into the record bags of scene luminaries such as Fabio, Marcus Intalex, DJ Hype, Spectrasoul, and Alix Perez- as well as gaining attention outside of the genre for their emotive and progressive take on Drum and Bass with support from artists as varied as Rob Da Bank, Jazzanova, Mary Ann Hobbs and Laurent Garnier. Coming bang up to date, 2011 saw their music grace some of the biggest and most prestigious labels in bass music with releases dropping on Renegade Hardware, Horizons Music and arguably one of the most highly awaited singles of the year “Shadowplay” on Shy Fx’s huge Digital Soundboy imprint.

Entering in to 2012, Blocks and Escher present their own label, Narratives Music. Formed primarily as an outlet for their own work alongside collaborations and remixes; the emphasis is on releasing music which encapsulates the atmosphere, emotion and excitement that made them fall in love with the genre in the 1990’s. The Narratives name itself, is derived from the imagery and stories felt and gathered from music; the way that a listener may cast their own interpretation and build their own subjective narrative. The three tracks on the debut release demand to be listened to in their entirety. Three journeys together, inscribing a balanced impression of the Narratives ‘sound’.

DJ Support : Rockwell, D Bridge, Loxy, ASC, Doc Scott, Flight, Nerm (BBC Radio 6)
excellent, need more ryhming in fives though

Ye we do ;)


oh, from Narratives facespace -
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Still can't get over Calla, amazing tune, sounds like all the best bits of 00-01 Total Science and all the best bits of 90's No-U-Turn deconstructed and rearranged into something genuinely fresh.

The minor detail of it being in 7/8 will result in me either clanging the fuck out of it or making rooms full of people very confused when I play it at the end of a night.
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