blazing it down again, New Us crew track

Dj pfo

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Jul 29, 2003
That bass needs to come up more, maybe bring the HH down a pinch and I feel it needs more changeups and progression. All in all though, it sounds good.


Us Crew
Apr 21, 2003
Baltimore Md
Posted by KidKut - Today at 16:28

I like the bass/beats in this, but I feel needs a bit more of a build up to the drop and a bit more variance in the track...

Yes, we just wanted to get the elements of the song's structure down, the drop and break down, as well as edits and change ups are all being worked on....

we usually wait till a song is completely finished before posting clips, we just wanted some feedback on this one to help point us in the right direction...

thanks again....more comments welcome and thanks for all the feedback..,..
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