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Mar 8, 2003
between a low hum and a high whine
I just reg on this,and honestly i only did dis cos' i wanted to hear
the dubs.....anyways...looks cool and i hope i wont come accross any BAD weirdo - good weirdos welcome - or be in conflict wit any smelly hippy.You might think i'm offensive, well, you should smell me feet...
I like """""hard"""" d n b, but only if it got soul, none of that Dylan shit-mind i respect what he does.(actually,some of dem trancey - housey - J majik -ey rolers are starting to grow on me,but i'll resist!!)Dom is da man 4 me.Decoder,deepest mofo of all.Technical Itch, seen better days than his recent tunes. Alpha Omega's stuff is what im talking bout, and i'm really pissed off that not enough people know him.
Yup,thats about me, and a couple of 'tables.And now that you know me, and before you think of how pointless was writing dis,think of how pointless was reading it.Peace.
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