Bladerunner, Vital Elements, Serum, Northern Lights & more - Passage Of Arms Volume 1

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Audio Warfare - Release date: April 23, 2012

Cooking up remixes for the legendary Congo Natty, as well as having had recent releases on the seminal Liquid V and SGN Ltd with partner Kitcha, under the collaborative alias Northern Lights, DJ Steppa now turns his attention to matters closer to home; presenting the first various artists EP on his own imprint Audio Warfare.

Continuing his musical mission with true military precision, Steppa enlists the help of friends Bladerunner, Serum, Kitcha, Ruffride, Bad Education and one half of Serial Killaz, Vital Elements, to deliver the four-track collection, ‘Passage Of Arms Vol. 1’, and as the title suggests, it’s a force to be reckoned with! Each artist comes delivering on a different tip to that which listeners have grown to recognise, together providing a selection of four very different flavours - a perfect combination to satisfy every true junglist’s innate taste.

Bladerunner’s ‘Hypnotising’ lures you in gently with a gradual build, punctuated by a delicate piano riff, although don’t be fooled and take heed of the title as you’re sure to quickly fall under its spell and as if on cue with the thumping bassline, submit to the beats. But guaranteed to wake you up from the lush daydream is Vital Elements and Ruffride’s ‘E.L.E.’ – the intro sirens alone signal the need for your immediate attention before unleashing a full on audio assault with their no nonsense, straight up, jump up cut. Providing further ammo, is long-time collaborators Serum and Northern Light’s nod to styles of the past – ‘Get Mash Up’ which effortlessly fuses jungle drums with an instantly recognisable old skool break; a lethal combination when targeted at the dancefloor. After paying homage to the past, it’s only right that we get a taste of the new school sound; an exploration into the more atmospheric and minimal take of 170bpm, and new duo Bad Education round the selection off perfectly with ‘Formulate’ - intricate, tight drums sprinkled over a bassline so deep, a quality sub is essential once pressing play!

‘Passage of Arms Vol. 1’ marks Audio Warfare’s first venture of 2012, and with such a well-rounded selection, there’s no doubt that DJ Steppa has set the standard high, leading his label troops forward by starting as he means to go on! Yet this is merely a hint of what he has planned to come
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really like this release, definitely gonna get it
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big release
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