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Jan 24, 2011
Bladerunner presents


A – Bladerunner – The lone ranger
AA – Bladerunner – Take me higher


Released – March 2011

Fresh after his debut LP “Analog bass” and the huge “Back to the jungle” on Kasras Critical recordings Bladerunner takes things to the next level with the launch of his own label – True bass

Launched to concentrate primarily on his own releases True bass will showcase the sound that has earned Bladerunner a place as one of the best selling DNB artists at the moment.

Bladerunners sound fuses old with new and brings the big bass feel good tunes back to DNB. Having gained huge momentum with his tracks over the past decade with labels such as Dread recordings, Creative source, 36 Hertz recordings, Formation, Ram records and Critical pushing his music to the masses Bladerunners beats have caught the attention of every major DJ in the scene from Andy C through to Friction.

The first release showcases Bladerunners trademark sound with 2 massive slices of rolling future jungle.

The lone ranger drops in with a stab lead intro before erupting into a distorted funk guitar lick that leads into a huge sub bass lead onslaught at the drop. This is not the end though as another drop switches up the track half way through with a massive distorted bassline taking the lead to smash things into the 2nd breakdown before the fun starts all over again with the 2nd drop.

Over on the flipside we have Take me higher which intros with a rolling piano loop which drops us into a trademark Bladerunner breakbeat lead roll out. This then builds up to a bassline that is guaranteed to smash any club with its rolling sub low frequency’s.

For audio samples follow the link below:


Bladerunner DJ bookings – 36 Hertz artist agency

Label management, Manufacturing and distribution – Keynote music management
Sales: darren@keynotemusicmanagement.co.uk
Info: mike@keynotemusicmanagement.co.uk
Tel: +44 (0) 118 9599944


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Aug 19, 2010
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Big Tings! Love 'Take me higher' although I was expecting the hardcore tune lol! It's nice to hear some female vocals...

Could be a wicked label!
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