Black Widow V3 Edit/Refix - drum and bass

Yeah, it's a new thread, but really, it's different this time: It lacks the crunchiness of V2 but I like the tightness and warmth of the bassline.

Help me with the treble of the drums, reese, overall. Decay on the bass/snare? Reverb?
Is there too much "warmth" (midrange) mud in the bassline?

After many years I must admit I don't have a good ear for that final mixdown...

Thanks for the help,

- J.P.
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On my end the high ends of the bass sound distorted, and not in a good way. I think its when your using some kind of envelope filter for movement. That reese you got going on sometimes is cool. I can hear what your trying to do and if you can make it work it would be awesome. However there is so much clashing of sound it takes away any good of the song.
Some times when I have this problem. I save the track twice. And on the 2nd track I will pull all my volumes to zero. And start eqing the track from scratch. Most of the time it turns out better that the original. So in conclusion your track would be awesome if you could make the pieces fit together better.
Yeah, thanks for confirming that - by high bass I think you mean like 100-600Hz - you see, I added like three octaves of detuned sawtooth, ran it through the Reason EQ which has -infinity dB control. So then, everything (including the sub bass) goes through the automated low pass filter (set at 24dB/oct, maybe I'll switch back to 12).

The damnedest thing is that the Reason filter has this weird resonance at the cutoff freq even though the resonance is turned down to 0. It's so bad that when you go below your lowest note in cutoff frequency, you get a subbass resonance from a frequency that does not otherwise exist in the mix. At 2:35 you can hear what I think is a good use of that bug...

Let's see, I could subtract some frequencies from the high bass, detune them less, just do anything to try to get some clearer harmonics in there. Thanks.

That's C ra szy ! to make the snare shorter, I'll give it a try!