Black Sun Empire feat Kemal - Stranded v1.0

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Black Sun Empire feat Kemal/ Noisia, Mayhem and Pacific

Stranded v1.0
African war drums beat & call to each warrior who in turn hits their wounded drum to respond to the cry from all who rise through the smoke ridden war ground where battle commenced only moments ago.
Rushing kicks & snares catapult themselves to the fore-front of 'Stranded v1.0' & instantly hook you to the mystical vibe they release as each wood block tick works in harmony with giant echoed drums & ghost wails from fallen soldiers. Crisp snares create a steady flow for each element to build itself around & allow traditional BSE tech stabs to quickly build then drop away until needed for the next round.
The constant beat drives along with a purpose of just allowing the neat & wellcrafted rhythms from the acid synth's to play amongst each other & create various deep thought patterns to keep you glued & listening for the next one.
Stylish & well thought out, I would say a typical BSE/Kemal production, never moving from what they know just doing it to show their the best in their class.

Overall 7/10


A teaming of great artists once again congregates fully on the eastern european borders & begins it's forward march across to the UK.
'Centepod' opens with orchestral size cymbals layering down a secure path for sweeping synths & tidy rising FX to breeze sweetly across the icey chatter of each cymbal hit. A long distance away you can hear the neuro bass reverbarating in the background enticing the filtered drums to grow in strength & command the intro with great ease. Accompanied by tiny tech bleeps the perfectly eq'd drums flex their muscle & send hi-hat explosions around the place to just fire the track up a little.
The icey breakdown has a sense of calm & peacefullness but come on this is a Noisia, Mayhem and Pacific tag-team you don't get off that light, as soon as the transmitted vocals are picked up on the radio a teeth grinding electro reese shocks the lurking bassline into life & really becomes a menace born with intent.
Powerful strains of bass wrap themselves against the ever so slick kicks & sly snares which go hardly un-noticed until a little drop makes them switch up & snap out of the hi-hat pattern. Once the reese is dropped tight conga rhythms juggle along 'Centepod' constantly drawing the track into it's second break & to the final ending.

Overall 7.5/10

Black Sun Empires new label is beginning to take off & with a few more releases planned for the summer it's gonna be another successful year for all involved. Can't wait.

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