Website Black Budget Review Dwellers Multiple Of One (UK)

For those that may not have heard of him, Dweller is a UK hip hop M.C hailing from Bolton that is completely original and is also the founder of UK hip hop promoters Organix Hip Hop

Multiple Of One is the first completely original release from the Bolton born M.C boasting 17 completely original UK hip hop tracks and features from the likes of EdXL, Joey Gzus, Dilligent Fingers and many more.

The album also features production from some of the UK hip hop undergrounds better beat makers in Wizard, Pro P and more, respectively.

Right, lets get to this review!

Dweller’s ‘Multiple Of One’ is an album that promises to be the first fully original release from the UK hip hop M.C and Organix Hip Hop founder, the one problem I have with that statement is that is has a whopping 13 features out of 15 tracks leaving him just two solo tracks to try and stamp his authority onto the release.

I think this is an issue that Dweller should address for his next release as I am sure that I am not the only one who like to see how an artist holds their own for an entire CD.

With that said, in my opinion ‘The Rap Hammer’ is tied as the best track on the album with ‘The Lyrics Are There’, Dweller is as relentless as a serial killer with his flow and doesn’t drop the standard on his lyrics sticking to the topic throughout both songs, with the right promotion these tracks could go far.

The others tracks that stand out to me are; Recognise (ft BL3, beat by Pro P), Something Deep Inside, Now You Know (ft Trick), Lyrics Are There (ft Rick Mal) and The Elite (ft Chronicle and J Gusto)

To say it is a album with 15 tracks there isn’t much filler at all and the only track I found that I could honestly say I didn’t like one bit was ‘Northern Monkeys ft Evileyez’, the beat really clashes with the vocals and it is extremely hard to de cypher what both M.C’s are saying.

Another track where it is hard to understand what Dweller is saying is ‘Freespit ft EdXL, Dilligent Fingers and Trick’, his flow sounds very labored on this and some lines sound like he has crammed far too many words in.

To conclude, I would say that Dwellers Multiple Of One is a good album that is held back by a few minor issues. As I stated earlier in the review I think that Dweller has opted to call in way too many features for what is meant to be a solo album.

I feel another issue is not one of quality, but one of price. With no disrespect intended at all I think that people will be very hesitant to pay £7 for an album by an unknown artist when they can go and buy an actual CD for the same price.

As for the album itself, I think it is a solid release and tracks like ‘The Rap Hammer’ and ‘Lyrics Are There’ really demonstrate Dwellers insane ability to ride a beat while delivering hard hitting lyrics.

The production on the album is flawless like a diamond. Other than on Northern Monkeys I can’t think of a beat that didn’t go with the overall theme of the song.

I would recommend that any fan of UK hip hop collaborative mix tapes go and buy this album but I would advise anybody who may prefer an album to be more of a solo effort listen before buying it