Bizzy B - Science EP vol.1 - Was already released last year!


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I was just checking Chemical Records to see if anything of interest is coming out when I saw clips for the "new" Bizzy B EP which is a 2 disk set.

When I click the first tune "Afraid of the dark" I notice right away that I already have this record!!! Yes it was released last year as a 10" and the other side of my 10" is "The Darkside" which is also on the Science EP. So in reality the only new tunes on the Science EP is "Bad Boy Sound" and "16 Track Relick".

The 2 new Bizzy B tunes are decent though I must say it blows the all of the other recent crap away.

Anyway if you don't have "The Darkside" then its worth the purchase of this EP because that track is great. It works with 1993 hardcore because it goes slow enough and it works with new DnB if you pitch it to +4. Its also quite a mellow tune in the spirit of the old LTJ Bukem style Lucky Spin rollers.

....And now I know that the B-side of my "Darkside" 10" is called "Afraid of the dark". :2thumbs:

If anyone wants the 10" (even though the pack coming out is a better buy) the cat number is B2001 on Brain 2. For those newbies on the board, Brain was a 1992 hardcore lable that was run by Brian "Bizzy B" Johnson. You should be albe to see how he came up with the label name.... reversing two letters of his own first name.
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