Bizzy B - Afraid Of The Dark / Darkside

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    Jan 3, 2003
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    A couple of pretty mental tunes from Bizzy on this ltd to 200 copies 10" vinyl release. Only available online from juno and this is one for all fans of 95 ruffness. The a-side uses some digitalesque mentasmy sounds which is one of the few elements in this track which goes in a straight line. One for the dancing to the bassline crew without a doubt. The basslines bellows away in a subtastic fashion for much of the track keeping the groove rolling throughout. It's a good tune but sounds like a few others blended together.

    The b-side intros with some subtle pads and quickly cuts out the beats before a "darkside" vocal sample kicks in and the track rumbles off in to the distance at a pace. The beats consist of some nice ameny edits and the track doesn't have that many other elements apart from the bare drums and bass but this doesn't stop it treading an interesting path between old and new weaving some classic housey stabs in to the second breakdown before kicking off again. A quality release overall and nice to see the 10" vinyl format being revisited.