Bitz & Edge MC - Inna deep sessions


Inna deep sessions will take you on a trip through the dnb world, breaking through all limits and barriers! The wide variety of tracks, ranging from older stuff like Calibre´s "Is it U" or "Marky & XRS - Misto Quente", to recent hits like "Big Bud - Soul Sista", Spectrasoul's smashing "Guardian" and Alix Perez & Spectrasoul featuring famous Peven Everett with "Forsaken" and even some hidden gems on less established labels to look out for such as "Redeyes - Brothers (Future Retro) and Mode - Stats (Ingridients). All of this being topped of with some future classics such as Artificial Intelligence & D Bridge with "3's A Crowd" and the epic "Stunna - Back in Time", this mix will surely leave you with a lasting impression. MC Edge's short, but sharp rhyming come as a perfect addition to DJ Bitz's teasing, cutting and double dropping madness which, as always, brings you an interesting journey tailor made for your listening pleasure! For the dreamers, lovers & ravers, all in one!

Enter the IDS, away from reality...