Bitz & Edge MC - Inna Deep Sessions 2.0


Jun 17, 2009


After the great success following the "Inna Deep Sessions" CD, IDS 2.0 is on it's way, taking you back on a journey through the D'n'B world. The track selection by DJ Bitz is taking you up and down like a rollercoaster ride, every song is carefully picked and placed in it's place in the tracklist. Alongside is MC Edge, bringing atypical multicilible flowing to Drum'n'Bass MCing, refreshing the ears. Starting off with the dreamy Riya, Phil Tangent, moving through to the hypnotic atmospheres of ASC and Breakage, still more to come with the new school of dnb represented by Alix Perez, Instra:Mental, SPY and Rockwell, the up and coming forces Unquote, Molecular Structures, Blue Motion, Phat Playaz, LSB, and finishing with the oldschool players Total Science, Seba, Commix, dBridge and AI. As in the first mix, here again we find some older hits, which should not be forgotten like The Contrast aka High Contrast - Days Go By, Spectrasouls Underground Anthem Alibi, as well as the early Icicle - Can't Be.

After a lot of sweat and tears put into this mix, you will not regret downloading, listening and enjoying this mix.

‘’IDS is gonna take you to the places and heaven within,
tie up your laces this journey is haven't even seen
but instead of set of wheels we use set of bass,
if you are ancies how it feels wait until we pick up the pace’’


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