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Mar 30, 2009
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Seen a few music-type news sources hyping this up. Apparently, it's the creation of some of the former developers for Ableton Live. With that dark set up and all the colors it does look rather sexy, but to me it just looks like a knock off of Live. Any Live users want to sort me out on this based on features they've seen/read that are different then Ableton. I just might pick this up if it's the right price.

Here's a link to the Bitwig site if you don't know what I'm on about.
interface looks kool, but yeah, just looks like ableton to me lol gona investigate some more, they'll have had to put in some serious work to make it better than ableton

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the 'per note automation' looks heavy, cubase style, multi monitor support looks great too
Nice.. very nice..

Im currently looking for a new DAW, like ableton or cubase. FLStudio is good start for "the first year daw" when you start teaching imo. :D How much this Bitwig will costs, any ideas?
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