BITD001 - Instead of playing madonna bootlegs EP


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BITD001 - Instead of playing madonna bootlegs EP

New tunes for the new year's eve!

After the succes of the previous downtempo compilation (incl. Vector Lovers, Miles Tilmann, Ten and Tracer and more..) Bitlab Records strikes back with its fourth release which goes to an entirely new direction: that is none other than floor and soulfiller electro, breaks, and dubstep melted into a remix EP featuring Hungarian electronica artists.

The original track, Instead Of Playing Madonna Bootlegs was created by Noise64 (Complementary Distribution – HU), an inventive Hungarian electro talent whose sound is a fusional rough and tough mixture of pure minimal electro, techno, and some – maybe 8 – bits of oldschool demoscene rave. What else do we need?! The title speaks for itself as well: Instead of playing straightforward pop bootlegs it’s high time for creative works to satisfy the listener’s mind and soul, while not forgetting to get the limbs move well too. The remixers follow the original track’s path powerfully: DST’s (Digital Distortions – UK, ChiWare – HU) remix is a bass fuelled party droid that defends every good deejay behind the decks, fully armoured with dangerous percussive soundwaves. Techno and breaks with witty bassline in one track? Indeed. Our next hero is Cord (Nerve Recordings – UK Chi Recordings – HU) who goes wicked, and spins everything up to get further from the original track, taking us to the metallic highlands of some dark and shocking electro breaks! Cooler (U-Cover – BE Chi Recordings Bitlab Records – HU) closes down the EP with his final warning, pointing out in full effect that we really have got nice – dub-step-electro-break-freak – sounds to generate. One great dubstep mover for the road!

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