sam the dnb man

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May 24, 2007
Everyone seems to be using one. Its starting to get on my nerves abit. I started making a tune with one in a while ago but now i dont wanna finish it because it just sound similar to a lot of other things.

when i listened to kool fm last night i heard so many tunes that used bitcrushers on the bass.

does this annoy anyone else?
or am i the only person that has noticed.
I dont mind the sound, its just lack of creativity
Yeah these things come and go, just last week it was sidechaining lush pads to your kick... well not last week but it's like, so 2008, meh. Better yet, create a thing like that for yourself that will credit you that "sam the dnb man" sound...

Not bothered by it in any case, but then again I haven't heard it that much. Can you point out some specific tunes?
i dunno what they where called man im not upto date wuth the jump up tunes really.

they where on koolfm last night.

about 4tunes in a row at one point thats why i made this thread.
whats a bit crusher?

Makes your signal sound like it's 4bits or 8 bits or whatever instead of your regular 16 or 24 bit depth. That will make it buzz and hiss like crazy and make it generally sound like it's coming trough a sega megadrive. More importantly they usually have a sample rate degrader that generates a sizzling effect.
bitcrushers are are real nice and I don't think it is used all too many times by everyone. Makes a cool sub sometimes.
original sin uses a bit crusher on the track love games, its applied to the drums on the build up for a few bars just before the drop.
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