Bit confused about making basslines after watching this Loadstar tutorial.

Discussion in 'Production' started by mr meh, Mar 9, 2012.

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    So i was watching the Xample and Lomax tutorial and im a bit confused about how they make their bass. If you go to around 5:00 onwards you'll see that they make their bass out of 3 layers, the first is the main high bass which they high cut at what looks like 200hz and then boost the shit out of the high end, then they say "we'll layer this up with a couple of subs", (skip the part where they make the edit around here) so then they make a standard sine wave which they say has no eq on it for the bottom end and then another sine with distortion for the mid which also has the same high cut eq as the high bass?

    I've been under the impression that bass layers need to be eq'd so that the frequencies dont overlap, so i guess this is not the case?

    And is it common practice to use this distorted high cut sine as a layer of your bass? As im pretty sure ive heard that somewhere else too...

    :confused: :confused:

    (edit - forgot to post the video lol)

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    just do whatever sounds best, and not what someone else says to do..

    so just try it.
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    as Groelle said, do what sounds best

    theres nothing wrong with overlapping frequencies, as long as you understand the sound and know how they need to be eq'd so you dont get any dodgy resonant spikes