Birthday JumpUp Mix 29.03.2009


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Nov 9, 2008
Kent, UK
Safe Peeps, its 4:38am 29/03/2009 which means its my birthday!! Just recorded a mix with a shitload of new vinyl. I'll post a tracklist once i've sat and worked it all out. But have a listen n let me know what you think.

Length - 1hr03


P.S. I no some of the mixes are sloppy, however i was still rushing off my tits from Playaz the night b4 when recording this :0P
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Original Sin - Dr Feels Good
Cabbie - Stilletto
Original Sin - D For Danger
Jaydan - King Of Miami
G Dub - Beast City (Original Sin VIP)
---? White Label Promo
Taxman - Too Bad
Original Sin - Decibel
Pleasure - Midnight Express
Future Prophecies vs. Camo & Krooked - No Nerds Needed
Cabbie - Firing Line
Hoax - Revolution
Dub Control - Drones
Pleasure - Massacre
Jakes - Haters
Drum Addict - Pump
G Dub - Forever (Original Sin VIP)
Pleasure - Frost Bite
Cabbie vs. Iron Hands - Call In Sick (Iron Hands)
D Minds & Dirty Harry - Ho Bass
Crystal Clear & Cabbie - Streethawk
Taxman - Equinox
Ram Trilogy - Titan
Butcher & Hoax - Silent Strike
Hazard - Killers Don't Die
Cabbie vs. Iron Hands - Self Destruct (Cabbie Remix)
Mampi Swift - I am Legend
o yea forgot to mention this mix is pure vinyl and done as a headphone mix due to it being ridiculous hour of the morning. spafe
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