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Nice work, loving this melody, especially synth funkiness! Some drawbacks though: 1)imo too long intro 2)track needs a lot in terms of mixdown, some things that I can point out: snare is weak(lacks low end punch) and I think it can be even a matter of sample choice, it also seems that you have high passed too many things, I recommend to introduce some low end because it is responsible for warmth and as it´s said "chemistry in low end will make or break your track." 3)mix in some breaks, in case you already did, bring em out, make em present. Hope this helps you get a clearer insight!


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I think you got to work on that sub a bit, but your on the right path. The synth melody in the drop seems out of place to me. Drums sound good. Overall, not a bad track at all I just think the the low end needs to be more prominent.
Thanks for the feedback lads. i'll work out the bass and cut the intro down a bit. Bass has always been a bit tough for me as my room sucks for acoustics and i have to be very quite out of respect for my neighbours. i get about a half hour a week that i can blast my monitors to "feel" the sub frequencies. The sub sounds soooo loud in my room but not for the right reasons, so thanks for pointing that out. As far as the snare goes yeah i cut it above the sub frequencies so they wouldn't collide, probably got to knock it back a bit though. No breaks mixed in yet... but i'm def going to layer some in to break up the monotony with some fills or whatever as these are just my programmed drums at the moment. In terms of mix down i usually bounce and take it over to my friends studio and do it all there as i can listen loud. Until then this is all she wrote. Again thank guys. Much appreciated