Billain - Probes / Horus 8


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Just imagine if you could take cells from any producer in the world and mix them up to create your own super producer who whould it be? Well if by any chance the combo you want would look something like, Spor, Phace, Noisia, Mayhem with a dash of Misanthrop then you're in luck.. Cause that super producer is Billain. Hear his Vinyl debut here on Syndrome Audio with the astonishing tracks Probes & Horus 8.

Probes sounds like a mutant cyborg that's reprogramming your brain with its razor sharp beats and unpredictable mid range. If you listen to this big time production when you know why we call him the super producer. Inspired by the greats of twisted funk and now ready to compete in the big game that is DnB.

Horus 8 is trash in every sense of the word. Dirty festering bass lines roam around this track like buzzards circling a dead pray .. They wait until you can't anymore and then strike to deliver the final blow .. Billain is a deadly producer you should keep your eyes on.. If you can't hear it in this release then this kind of dnb just isn't for you.

You can check it out here.

As well keep your eyes peeled on SOUNDCLOUD cuz even more tunes are about to come