Bill Hicks cleans his chakras

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    Hey, I`m Rightside. I introduced myself here last week, and said I`d stick a tune of mine up.

    It`s Drum n Bass as I see it.

    It`s called Semil and See After (Semilanceata haha) and it is part of the Scare-Tactix drum n bass movement.

    It`s got Bill Hicks in it.
    A pain in the bum i know but it`s the third song down in my player so if you could take the time to click it that would be good.
    If you want to check the other trax out, they aint DnB, the first is a rave breaks mix of Bob Marley`s 3 little Birds,
    and the second is a Rightside hardcore tune for the Rezerection in Scotland where I MC.

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