Big up the Infuse crew israel


Jun 10, 2002
Played in Tel aviv last weekend in israel at Infuse. This place is off the hook! Its nothing like you see on the news,imagine if every shotting in London made headline news,its sick to see how propaganderous our news is.London is more threating than israel.Imigration and security in the airport was well strict,but at least you know your safe.
Everyone there is mad safe, The party was crazy,bodies flying everywhere,(like being in a hardcore band again! bo)The club security couldnt get people pll to leave for like an hour,they just rinsed. definetly the best party ive that Ive played for a while:slayer:
The bars and Cafes are dank.loadsa nice food,all good for stoners :spliff: A personal highlight was this stonebaked Pizza with egg onit, mmmmmm...... :teeth:
Israel is more like another Ibiza rather than a warzone.
I cant wait to go back!:thumbup:
Big up to Bassick :spliff: Mute :spliff: Ophir :slayer: 2slick and gordon ;) for a wikkid weekend!



p.s,bassick,sort me some pics wink wink:pimp::fag:
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