Big Sucky Mosquito Greetings From the Bayou

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    My name is Scott.
    I always feel as if I have stepped into an Alcoholics Anonymous group when I say that.
    Still waiting to hear the group recite "hey, Scott"
    Oh, well.

    I am in the Bayou's of Louisiana.

    I'm pushing 40 years of age - and I still haven't grown up.

    I dig all types of music, however ....
    Metal always seems to be the type of come back to.
    But I really do dig D'n'B, and have also been getting into the whole "DubStep" thing.

    I have four kids.
    I'm divorced.
    I fart a lot.
    I love food.
    I love sex with women.
    I like loud music.
    I flirt with women too much.
    I have a modest home studio.
    I'm a Mac user.
    I am an author for
    I have a horrible habit of using foul language.
    I believe in being courteous, nice, and doing the right thing ... especially when nobody else is around.
    I play the guitar, piano, drums, and have been a singer in bands.
    I was the drum major in high school, but was also dating the captain of the dance team ....
    I'm a Beat tester for ToonTrack, and have been for quite a few years.
    I know a few things about a lot of stuff.
    I'm smart enough to know that I am always learning, and I don't know it all.
    I am on a new trek with electronic music - so far, so good.
    I'm running out of things to say.

    So that's a little bit about me.

    Like most others, I'm here because I want to learn the art - and being around others who share that same goal is a great way to get there!

    Thanks for taking the time to read this introduction.
    Hope you didn't fall asleep due to boredom!

    Take care,