Big Problem With One Of My Decks


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Mar 2, 2008
I use a pair of Numark tt1625s that my brother gave me. They've always worked perfectly and held the pitch precisely, except in the last few days the left deck has become unuseable.

Now when you cue up a track and push it off, it takes about 5 seconds to gradually work its way up to regular speed. Once its there it isn't holding the pitch very precisely at all either.

This has happened on the day a massive vinyl order arrived too. (AND Redeye fucked up my order for the second time in a row by sending me a wrong record by the same artist and also my 'Ever So Slightly' is scratched beyond use for some reason - but thats another story, its just adding to this nightmare of a day haha)

Any of you had this problem? Any tips? I hope I don't need new decks, I can't afford it and these have done me well so far.

My worst day in drum and bass so far :(
Got the same problem, but if I press stop/start a few times it tends to sort it out for a while, but you can feel the torque isnt as powerfull when your cueing so you have to be really gentle... I dunno if its fixable, as I've just delt with it for the past year or so, but I would say you'd be best getting new decks. But try tappin start/stop a few times untill you see it start quickly.
This is definetly the brushes on the motor are worn out, how old are these decks? Also these decks arent build to last so there is no point in gettin them repaired, they aint worth jack now anyways.

Sorry to break the bad news to ya...
ye exactly the same thing happened on one of my TT1650s, but it's fixed itself, no idea how it happened but i was only stuck with it bein dodgy fo a day or so :shrug:

numarks get ripped on for being cheap but they are value for money imo, i got my decks 3rd hand off a mate who got them off his older bro, 7 or 8 years down the line and they still work fine
Some Numark decks had a problem with overheating but I think that was just on the TTX1s. When you get this problem take off the platter and see how hot it is under there
Cheers guys for all the replies.

I may have to get new decks, of course Technics would be ideal but dunno if I could afford them even 2nd hand. Gotta save for Amsterdam this summer too.

Also I'm completely para about spending money on technology now. This year I bought an Xbox off Ebay as new and it broke within 3 months. I needed a new phone so I bought a Samsung, the screen broke within weeks. I also bought an Ipod Classic that broke the week after the warranty ended.

So I'm reluctant to get Technics off ebay. Should I be? Are Technics problems largely fixable? Also when buying new Technics do you get a guarentee? Just had a look and couldn't see any mention of a guarentee.

Fair play to Numark my brother had them for 2 years I think, I've had them approaching a year.
it could be everything, brushes, fader (coul be dirty or already used up) or condensators or resistors are finishing their lives. best thing i guess is to clean up all the guts of the deck and then try again. i always use pure alcohol (highest voltage possibile) and some cloth which don't leave any of its parts (forgive me my english), u can use ear sticks (don't know how you guys call it). if it won't help - call service. =)
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