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hey Mesh is me, landed on this forum about a year ago while seeking quality dubplates and downloads. Havent been let down yet either!
I have been into raving since 1992, by way of fascination with hip-hop and house music as a youngster. When my friend bought his first pair of decks and a couple of early Formation tunes (Dont Come No Ruffer #21 !!) I was hooked on the sound, although it took a couple weeks to get my head around it to tell truth. and then boom!! One seedy night at 4am in a dodgy warehouse in Perth, and all I wanted was to go home ... then Greg Packer took to the decks and basically changed my life. Respect.
So now I DJ occasionally out, and constantly while blazing at home. I've lived in Melbourne for the last three years, which is good fun. I enjoy vodka and fine herbs, and my clothes are several years out of fashion.