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Give this a read. Lerl.

"Since taking delivery of my pen I have been very happy with the quality of ink deposition on the various types of paper that I have used. On the first day when I excitedly unwrapped my pen (thanks for the high quality packaging Amazon!) I just couldn't contain my excitement and went around finding things to write on, like the shopping list on the notice board in our kitchen, the Post-it notes next to the phone, and on my favourite lined A4 pad at the side of my desk.

My pen is the transparent type with a blue lid. I selected this one in preference to the orange type because I like to be able to see how much ink I have left so that I can put in another order before I finally run out.

When the initial excitement of taking delivery of my new pen started to wear off I realised that I shouldn't just write for the fun of it, this should be a serious enterprise, so by the second day of ownership I started to take a little more care of what I wrote. I used it to sign three letters, and in each case was perfectly happy with the neatness of handwriting that I was able to achieve.

I have a helpful tip for you that you might not know about - if you let the ink dry for a few seconds you can avoid the smudging that sometimes happens if you rub the ink immediately after writing. Fortunately the ink used in this particular Bic pen seems to dry very quickly.

On the third day of ownership I went on a trip to London and took my pen carefully packed away in my brief case, but I needn't have worried, this isn't some temperamental ink pen that leaks when you store it at the wrong angle. I sat at my meeting and confidently removed the cap from my pen and it wrote flawlessly, almost immediately.

I notice that the barrel of the pen has been crafted very carefully to fit in the pen holder down the edge of my Filofax. It's not so grippy so that it is hard to remove when I want to make a quick note, and yet not so loose that it falls out too easily when I open my Filofax in a hurry. Maybe the choice of surface texture on the pen has some part to play here, because it seems that the inside of the leather grip on the pen holder in my Filofax has just the right level of adhesion that I can be confident when I need to reach in and get my pen it's going to be just where I left it!

Today is the fourth day of ownership of my pen, and I have to say I'm starting to treat it like an old friend. I walk around the office with it clipped in to my shirt pocket and someone in the accounts department actually asked to borrow it while we were both standing at the photocopier. Would you believe it, they actually tried to walk away with my pen! They were very embarrassed when I called after them as they walked down the corridor and asked for it back. You will be happy to know that it is now back, safe and sound in my top pocket, ready and waiting to start writing again.

In summary, I would happily recommend this pen to anyone who is planning on writing on paper. If you are considering a writing implement for some other surface such as writing on a CD, or other non-porous substances then another pen might be better suited, but if it's just plain old paper then I think you will probably be well served by this particular model. "


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Better than writing with blood, 16 Oct 2008

Being a career criminal, extortionist, and blackmailer, i take great pride in the threatening letters I dispatch to my victims and their immediate family. For years I have used my own blood, because it's always handy.

Recently however, advances in DNA profiling have meant that I've had to consider other mediums as an alternative writing material. My wife has been at me for years to get one of these 'pen's that I'd often heard mentioned, but I thought that they were just a load of old nonsense for those soft 'city' types. I had seen people using them in the moving pictures, and I refuse to be drawn in by 'fads'.

Putting my skepticism aside for a moment, I decided to invest in one of these pens, and went in search of an appropriate model. Being a shrewd investor, I sensed that the Bic Crystal Ballpoint Pen, Medium Point, Black might be a good choice. Firstly the ink color, black, appealed to me. The night is black, ravens are black, black pudding is black. And black pudding is black because of the blood in it. As mentioned previously, blood was my writing medium of choice, but if I could acquire a pen that offered the convenience of a pen, and without the light headedness and iron deficiency associated with regular blood writing, then I was on to a winner. I figure that the black ink will still have the desired effect when my clients read it, because they will still think it's blood, only *dried* blood. Which is arguably even more dramatic. "How did he write with dried blood? Why is his blood so dry to begin with? Maybe he's thirsty. Why is he bothering sending me this letter when he's so thirsty? He must *really* want his money if he's going to so much bother when he's so clearly thirsty. It'd be best if I just paid him. Maybe he could buy some orange juice with the money. Perhaps I'll leave a bottle of it with the money for him, poor chap."

In short, now that I'm a biro 'convert'. I shant be looking back.
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