BFAD029: Mtwn - Genji EP OUT NOW!

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    BFAD029: Mtwn - Genji EP


    A: Mtwn - Genji
    B: Mtwn - I.E.M.
    C: Mtwn - Particles

    Release date: 18.03.2013 & 25.03.2013

    Strong abbey ales that will render you comatose, fairly generously cut chips, Jean Claude van Damme and a statue of a peeing kid, what an empty place our world would be without all the great things the Belgians have brought into it. With their new and fresh Genji EP, the Belgian brothers of Mtwn give their countrymen another monument to brag about. Get it now to claim your fame into musical history!

    BFAD029A: Mtwn - Genji
    The EP's title track is an absolute smasher and had major support. Beats going backwards, ominous synths and shrieks and mad drumrolls over an intensely deep bassline will demand the absolute most from your PA system. Bansai m*thaf*ckas, this one you're gonna feel 'till deep down in your gut!

    BFAD029B: Mtwn - I.E.M.
    I.E.M. is all about crisp beats, raw sounding synths and wickedly varying beats 'n breaks. Crank that amp up to 11 and brace yourselves for this incredible expanding mindfuck!

    BFAD029C: Mtwn - Particles
    In the physical sciences, a particle is a small localized object to which can be ascribed several physical properties such as volume or mass. In awesome music, Particles is probably the freshest tune you've heard in ages. Deep kicks and brutal synths will get every molecule in your body dancin' in no time!